Curriculum Vitae



Teachers College (Ribe Statsseminarium)

University (Danmarks Lærerhøjskole)


Work experience:

Efterskole (Tømmerup Fri- og Efterskole)

Friskole (Øster Aaby Friskole)

Teachers College, University College Lillebaelt

    Theory of Education, Didactics,

    Christianity, Experimental Teaching,

    Teachers supplementary course


And …

Internet- and IOS based database programming

ePub and iBook teaching materials

Lectures on pedagogical, religious and cultural subjects

Participate in:

UNESCO project ReadIt

Network for new teachers

Sophia - pedagogical think tank




The Efterskole is a unique Danish independent residential school for students between 14 and 18 years old.

The Friskole is an independent school, established by a group of parents.

IOS is the iPad and iPhone operating system.